Organize Your Photos and Other Media

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Let’s Organize Your Photos and other Media

We are a people of stories. And throughout history, people have used storytelling as a way to communicate and document their lives. Since the invention of the camera, people have been using photos to help them tell those stories. Our photos allow us to relive memories and to savor the relationships and experiences we’ve shared with others. Those memories are important to us, to our children and to future generations.

Our cluttered hard drives and lack of back-up systems have left our photos at risk and vulnerable to being lost. Technical obsolescence is another issue and it also threatens our memories. Just think of your family’s movies, slides and old videos that can no longer be viewed with today’s technology.

When disaster strikes what are the first three things people want to save in their house? Family, pets and pictures!

Unfortunately, our lack of skills and knowledge about how to deal with the problem, along our ever present time restraints, has resulted in the task of photo management being given a very low priority in our lives.

And we’ve only just being taking digital images! Many people have boxes of printed photos stored somewhere in your home.
How about family movies and slides? How many of us have memorabilia from saved from years of travel or stacks of children’s artwork that you just can’t bring yourself to part with?

As a photo organizer, I help clients organize printed and digital photo collections, install backup systems, create photo books and albums, and scan and digitize slides and other obsolete media. Most importantly, I share a sincere interest in and passion for helping others tell their stories.

I am here to help ensure that you accomplish your goals and will work with you to develop a plan based on your needs and your budget. Having a plan brings a sense of relief and reassurance, even if it is a project that will gradually be completed over time.

Forget what you haven’t been able to do so far. The best time to get started is now!

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