Physical Photo & Media Organizing

Overwhelmed by boxes, bags and envelopes of photos, slides and other media?  Are they in magnetic albums that are slowly destroying your photos?  We will gather all of your photos, slides and media together and develop a system of organizing them works for you.  For pre-digital pictures, slides, film and video,  we can scan or convert them into a digital format that can preserve and improve your images.  After photos are organized and digitized will will store them in archival albums or storage boxes.


Digital Photo & Media Organizing

Photos and media on several different phones, cameras, computers and more?  We will work together to collect all your photos, remove duplicates and put a system in place to store all of your media.  We will help you choose the appropriate software to manage your photos and teach you how to use it.  Once organized they can be shared by printing for photo albums, creating photo books, slide shows and more. Additionally, we can setup backup systems that are essential for keeping your digital media files safe for the future.

Maintenance packages are also available to help people who want ongoing help with their physical or digital media.


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