VHS Tapes Need to be converted to digital files

Every year we wait to convert our home videos, the more likely the quality will continue to degrade.  Here is a great article to explain just what is happening.  Not only that, we often don’t have the ability to play them on our equipment anymore.  My recommendation is to convert them to a digital format before it is too late.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Identify any tapes (VHS and other tape formats you have) that need to be converted.
  • If you can, try watching them, to make sure you know what is on the tape.
  • Prioritize what tapes you want to convert first, especially if you have budget constraints. It is also good to start with just a few to see how the process works.
  • You have plenty of local options for tape conversion including Reel Pro Video or Absolute Video in Batavia.
  • Ask them to convert the files to a digital format.  I recommend AVI (PC) or MOV (Mac) especially if you intend to edit the video, but Mp4 is OK for most uses.  Saving straight to a DVD saves it to a compressed format that has limited uses.  You may need to provide a USB drive or external hard drive or purchase one from them to complete the conversion.
  • Once the tapes are converted, it is possible to edit down the files to the parts you actually want to see!  Please consider doing this.  Often a young relative will help.  If not, that is a service we also provide.

Imagine how fun your next family event will be when you pull out some edited videos people haven’t seen in years!

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