ISO HELP??? 😢😓😫
90% of my photo albums are completely gone. Totally disappeared overnight!!
This was the fifth report I’ve submitted to Facebook with absolutely no response!!!
Those are the only copies of every picture I’ve taken from all my medical missions from 10
different countries.
Please help me find them, I have no idea where they went and they are extremely important to me!!! 😢 😤 😡 😫😩😢😭😤😠😡🤬🤯😰😥😓
Who knows how I can submit this directly to Facebook to get an answer???😫😫😫

First, I have to say my heart goes out to the woman who wrote this.  The tough lesson is that Facebook should never, ever be the primary storage for your photos.  It’s fine to use Facebook to show pictures to your friends and family but please don’t make the mistake that this person did and rely on Facebook to store your pictures.  

Here’s why:

  • Facebook compresses pictures dramatically so they are unprintable
  • Facebook renames pictures to a string of unrecognizable letters and numbers
  • Facebook strips all metadata from the image.  If you use Keyword, titles or captions and comments they will be lost.
  • Facebook strips date information from the file.  Every digital picture automatically records date information and is often the easiest way to find a picture.

This is the original photo uploaded to Facebook.

Full set of Metadata on Photo

Same Photo Downloaded from Facebook

Metadata stripped from photo downloaded from Facebook

Take a close look at the two graphics above.  The top graphic is the original image uploaded to Facebook.  The bottom graphic is what is downloaded from Facebook.  The file is compressed from 2.29 MB to 80.8 KB, All identifying information about the picture has been obliterated, from the file name, to date taken to added keywords and camera information.

So even if the woman in the Facebook post were to recover her pictures to they wouldn’t resemble what she uploaded.  She is relegated to thumbnail-sized pictures of her life.

Around 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each and every day.  In order to keep a handle on storage space, files get compressed, image date is lost.  Facebook even has an option to upload a high quality image.  Unfortunately, you get the same tiny file on download.  

What is the moral of the story? 
Share photos on Facebook, do not store your photos on Facebook.  Also, do not consider your photo printing site such as Shutterfly or Walmart a place to store your pictures.  If you want a cloud solution to storing and backing up your photos, consider iCloud if you have an iPhone,  Dropbox, Google Photos or Drive, Amazon Prime Photos, OneDrive and Forever are also possible choices for all computer users.  All have varying degrees of automation and ability to save your file information (metadata).

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