Mother and daughter enjoying photo book.

 I always thought one of the advantages of living in the Midwest was the ability to take advantage of our inside time in the winter to work on inside projects without feeling guilty.  One of my favorite activities is to finish up my yearly albums in January, although, I admit I am also behind!

Our photos don’t get in our way or remind us that they need to be taken care of.  We don’t trip over them, or there isn’t a “maintenance light” to tell us it is time to spend some time organizing and sharing them.  Unfortunately,  it becomes important when there is an all too frequent technology problem that could put them all in jeopardy like the woman who posted her photos on Facebook featured in my Jan 10 Blog Post.  Sometimes a water leak, flood or fire destroys our precious photos. 

We need to make careful choices about where we store and backup our photos to help prevent these photo catastrophes.  For digital photos, you need to start by saving them in one location and then making a backup.  For your physical pictures, consider scanning your pictures into digital files as a backup. 

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