Photo Scanning Equipment

I was recently talking to a client and asked her if she wanted to scan some of her favorite pictures as we worked.  She asked what I meant by that.  Another question I have had asked is how to “get a printed photo” on their computer.  Sometimes we make assumptions based on the universe that we live in and realize other people might not have the same experiences. 
This is all managed in the scanning process.  When we “scan” a physical document or photo we place it on either our flatbed scanner (many people have these on their multipurpose printers, or on our high-speed commercial scanners.  It effectively takes a digital picture of the photo or document and it saves it to a file on our computer.  This is also called photo scanning or photo digitizing.  Now that the photo is scanned we can do any number of things with it. 

Metadata – photo information

First of all, we add identifying information – or metadata to it. When we scan an image it might be called image_0001 and image_0002.  I will typically name a picture with year-month-day if it is available, and at a minimum, event and location info.  Why?  We want to be able to find these files later.  An example would be  “2017-07-01 Disney Vacation 
Cinderella Castle.”  From there I save it to a file structure I have created on the computer.

Here is what I recommend.  If you have photo albums or boxes, go through them and choose your favorite pictures to scan.  If your photos aren’t organized, you will need to do that first.  If you need help organizing your photos contact us to get one-on-one help. Some people just hand them over and say scan everything, but that really can mean much more work in the long run.  There are clearly photos in your collection that will cause the most stress at the thought of their loss,  these are the ones to digitize.

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