A digital photo frame can be a great gift for people who seem to have it all. As you know, digital photo frames aren’t new.  Many people may have already purchased one in the past where we needed to upload photos from a USB drive.  From my experience, those devices don’t get updated and they end up gathering dust.

For the past several years more digital frames have been developed where multiple people can remotely load photos onto another person’s photo frame from a computer and smartphones.  With texting and social media we often feel like we are sharing our photos all the time.  However,  many people, especially older adults may not have social media accounts or see your photos when you post them. Digital photo frames can be the answer to sharing more personal pictures with friends and family.  A few years ago we personally purchased a Nixplay for a family member.  Everyone in the family can upload pictures to their frame.  I have to admit I like going to their home and seeing the photos uploaded by other members of the family from around the country.  Many of those photos I might not have seen otherwise.

If you are interested in buying a new frame, prices range from $100-$300.  Look for the ability to upload from whatever devices you have.  I also like frames to have onboard memory on the device and motion detectors so they are not on all the time. Don’t forget your family member will need to connect most devices to wi-fi. 

Here are some links to recent reviews of different photo frames to help you with your decision:

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