If you have an iPhone there is a pretty high chance that you have taken a Live photo by mistake.  What is a live photo?  Your iPhone not only takes a picture but also a 3-second video at the same time.  Why is this a problem?  Because most people don’t know that they are taking short videos it can quickly use up valuable storage with files you don’t need.  I have worked with clients that had thousands of unintended LIVE photos and it can be a real hassle to delete them. 
If you download your photos to your computer, this is what it will look like (Windows File Explorer)

You will have duplicate file names with one jpg (or HEIC) and one MOV file.  Often the MOV file is more than double the size of the jpg.  You can see that if every photo you take is a Live Photo, you will have lots of extra unneeded files and lots of storage space devoted to them.

The best thing we can do to manage this problem is to disable Live photos unless you specifically want to take one.  I have found that many people don’t know how they enabled them or how to disable them, so I am including step by step instructions with videos.

Open your iPhone and go to Camera Icon

Look at the top of the screen on your iPhone to see if you have Live Photos Activated.  If it is activated you will see a yellow circle/target on your phone.

Clicking on the yellow circle Icon will turn LIVE Photos off.  This is what it looks like.  When you open your camera application this is what you should see each time.  

You can take extra measures by going to your iPhone settings to help avoid LIVE photos from activating each time you start up your phone.  Here’s how:

Open Settings on your iPhone

Keep scrolling down to the sixth section where you will find the Camera App and select it

Select Preserve Settings

Make sure the Live Photo setting is on

Note that this setting saves whatever setting you left your camera app to – this means if you used the Live Photo function it will start with the Live Photo function activated the next time.  However,  you are much less likely to accidentally take Live Photos following these steps!

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