Life has changed for all of us very quickly in the past month.  The beginning of March seems like a lifetime ago.  We hope that you and your families are staying physically and mentally healthy during this time.   I encourage everyone to limit their access to news reports so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Check in with family and friends often to check in on them and stay connected.  If you find your self with spare time, I encourage you to take on a meaningful project.  My husband is taking guitar lessons,  some people like myself are sewing protective masks, others are cleaning and organizing closets or planning garden or learning to cook new foods.  I encourage you to take a look at your photos and other media where you record your memories.  Is it organized?  Are they shareable?  Take a look at my photo blog to see if there is something there can help you get started.

As with most families, ours is also impacted by this shutdown.  In my business, I often work one-on-one with clients in their homes to organize their photos.   With this shutdown, I can no longer do that.  What can I do?  Fortunately, after an initial consultation, mostly with digital projects, I complete the rest of the project in my home studio.  I can still do that.  All of my scanning of photos and slides is done in-house as well as video editing.  If you have photos or slides that need to be digitized, I can do that!  Call me at 630-441-3403 or email me at to find out more to get started.  I can come to your home and pickup up your items to be scanned from your porch.  I can also do phone and web training sessions to help you get started.   I will be adding more frequently to my blog in the coming weeks with more information that will help you better manage your photo collection – so you can save your stories for future generations.

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