Save Your Photos Month 2020 is a public service outreach campaign developed by The Photo Managers to teach consumers how to preserve life’s irreplaceable photos, videos, and documents, in case of an unforeseen accident or disaster. Throughout the month, The Photo Managers will present a robust agenda of classes created and presented by independent professionals and fellow members of their educational community.

Save Your Photos Month is an annual campaign open to anyone interested in help managing their photos, in any format. Modern technology has turned our phones into cameras, ready to snap a photo or video at any moment, but this quick and prolific content creation can also be a burden, creating more than we can adequately manage with the risk of losing precious memories in the process. This year we Save Your Photos Month will present more than 40 short classes developed by photo Pros, covering topics such as “iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks”, “Cherishing Your Child’s Memories”, and “Tackle Your Family History”.

These fun and engaging classes are a great way to focus on simpler times and happier memories during this challenging season. Even as a Photo Manager, I’m always amazed at the catharsis my clients experience in working with family photos, especially now in having to distance from family and friends, it’s a great time to revisit wonderful memories while gathering, organizing, safely storing, and showcasing them in new and interesting ways. It’s a form of therapy we can all engage in right now.

Burnham Creative Group Business and The Photo Managers invite anyone interested in saving your photos to join us online at  In addition, check out my daily photo organizing tips on Facebook as well as our website for additional blog posts that can help you on your photo organizing journey.

Carolyn’s Picks for
Save Your Photos Month Classes

 Wow!  Over 40 FREE classes will be offered by my colleagues and fellow Photo Managers.  I have taken a look at the schedule and picked some of my favorites.  Each week they will release a different set of classes based on category.  They are listed as mini-classes, so I am guessing they will have varying lengths, but shouldn’t be too long.

Week 1:  Set Goal
Cherishing Your Child’s Memories
Moving Your Memories

Week 2:  Collect
Digital Photo Gathering Basics
Tackle Your Family History
Preserving Home Movies

Week 3:  Sort
ABCs of Photo Organizing
Mac and Apple people, take these classes from Paul Einarson.  He knows his stuff
   *Organizing with Folders and Albums in Apple Photos
   *Navigating Apple Photos
Photos You’ll Never Miss on Your iPhone
Facial Recognition in Apple Photos
Become a better Photo Editor

Stuff vs Memories, What’s the Difference?

Week 4:  Save
Tips for Preserving Family Heirlooms
Learning About Cloud Storage
iCloud Photo Library
Backup Photos on your Phone
Seven Secrets to Scanning Your Photos

Week 5:  Share
Photo Books:  Getting Your Pictures on Pages
Weaving Stories and Photos
DIY Legacy Film:  Yes, You can do it!

Classes are viewable any time from their time of release until November 1, 2020.  Just go to The Photo Managers Website and click on Save Your Photos Month.  Inputting your email addresses gives you access to all the classes.  From there you can pick the ones you want to take.  Enjoy!
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