Pass on Your Memories – Not a Mess

Wed, September 20, 2017, 10am-11:30am
Batavia Park District, Conference Room
327 W. Wilson Street, Batavia, IL  60510
Wednesday, October 25, 10-11:30am
Pottowatamie Community Center
8 North Ave, St Charles, IL 60174

After a lifetime of taking pictures and videos are you left with photos, negatives, slides, VHS tapes and other media that you know what to do with?  The hardest part of any project like this is getting started.  Take the first steps by learning how to organize, convert and backup your photos and other media so you can share your memories with your loved ones.

Click here to register online for the Batavia Park District Class
or call the Batavia Park District and Register for class or call (630) 879-5235 and register for class #402007-1A.
Class fee $25 for Batavia Residents slightly higher for non-residents.

Click here to register online for the St. Charles Park District Class
Class fee $25 for St. Charles residents, higher for non-residents.

Introducing Forever

Forever Photo Storage logo

 Are you the family curator of photos?  Have you recently inherited a photo collection from a family member and you are not sure what to do with it?  Forever might be the answer for you, especially if you are interested in sharing these photos with other family members now and in the future.

Forever is a complete memory keeping solution where people collect, curate and celebrate memories now and for generations to come.  How does this work?  On Forever you purchase storage space, you don’t rent it.  You find your favorite photos, ones that you want to keep forever, upload them or digitize them to be uploaded to the Forever website.  Here you and your family can manage the photos together, add information about the photos and organize them with Forever’s easy to use software.

Forever Storage prices start at $299 for 10 gigabytes of space. It seems expensive until you realize this is a one time fee!  They will keep your images safe and migrate to different formats for you, to keep your memories safe.

Check out the Forever website for more information.  You can sign up for a free 2 gigabyte account to learn how Forever works.  Feel free to contact me for more information or a demonstration of the product.

Simple Steps to Back Up Your Photos

External Hard Drive for local backup of photos

If you have taken one of my classes or have had me come to your home to organize your digital photos, the first thing I always recommend doing is backing up your photos first.  Yes, even before they are organized.

Sometimes the easiest way to handle this is by backing up your data on your entire computer.  

The easiest way to start is to back up to an External Hard Drive.  You can pick up one of these for as little as $50 at local retailers or online.  Some brands to look for are LaCie, Silicon Power, Western Digital, ioSafe, and Monster Digital.  It simply plus into a USB port on computer and you are ready to go.

On a Mac go to Time Machine to set up your backup.  On Windows Computers you can go to File History to setup a regular backup.

Once that is done you are in pretty good shape.  It is key to have a backup in case of a computer failure, which is the most frequent cause of data loss. However, this doesn’t prevent you from you losing your data in an event of a natural disaster (flood, fire, tornado, etc.) or theft.  

Here is where we recommend a cloud or offsite backup.  Check out these following services to backup your computer to the cloud.

They cost typically from $50-100 to backup your computer.  Please take note that once you subscribe to their services the initial back up could take up to several weeks!  They choose to upload slowly so it doesn’t use all of your internet bandwidth and slow your network down.  Once the initial back up is done, these services automatically update your computer as files change.  If you have a failure due to one of the problems listed above you can restore everything that is lost!

One you get those backups started, you won’t regret it!

Come to My Save Your Photos Month Event

On Saturday, September 17, I am partnering with another Photo Organizer, Laurie Neumann, and Photo Restoration Specialist Patrick McGleam to host this FREE Public Service Education and Scanning Event at the St. Charles Public Library.  Check out our classes on the half hour.  We will cover basic photo organizing, backup solutions and restoration of photos.  

We are also scanning up to 50 photos free to guests of the Save Your Photos Month event.  Find some of your favorite pictures and have them scanned so you can share with friends and family.

Please register below.  Registration is requested but NOT required.  

I hope to see you there!

Carolyn Burnham

Save Your Photos Month Event Flyer
I took the pledge to save my photos