Five Reasons to Scan Your Scrapbooks!

Scrapbook waiting to be scanned

Any scrapbooker will agree with these statements:

  • Scrapbooks are one of kind
  • Scrapbooks are a labor of love
  • Scrapbooks are irreplaceable

If you scan your scrapbooks you not only have a backup for these works of art and repository of family members, but you have greater opportunity for sharing what you have done.  Here are five reasons why you should scan your scrapbooks now.

  1. If you are creating one scrapbook for you family and you have 2 or more children, who gets the scrapbooks down the road?  Scan them now and sharing is a breeze.  You can either make a new scrapbook with page prints or create a photo book out of your designs. 
  2. Scanning scrapbooks can serve as a back up the only copy of photos taken prior to the digital era. (Glued in photos can be scanned and saved separately.)
  3. Excited about pages you have completed?  You can share them on social media.
  4. Do you have a family member that lives far away that can’t see your scrapbooks?  You can send them a pdf file so they can look at your creation.
  5. Most importantly,  scanning your scrapbooks helps preserve these memories from the dangers of a natural disaster, or even degradation over time.

Scrapbook scanning starts at $1.99 per page.  Contact me if you would like to get started.