It’s Time to Digitize Your Slides and Scrapbooks´╗┐

It’s Time to Digitize Your Slides and Scrapbooks´╗┐

Many of us have some slides, many have thousands of slides that are shoved away in storage and haven’t been viewed in 30 or 40 years.  It is time to let those slides see the light of day and digitize them so you and future generations can enjoy them!

Not only can we digitize photos, but we can also digitize your slides and scrapbooks. We digitize your images using a high-resolution DSLR, high quality macro lens and a light source behind the image to scan your slides.  (Note that this picture is taken with an overhead light source so you can see the equipment.) 

This type of scanning is referred to as camera scanning.  Here we can completely control light and exposure of each image by scanning them using our Camera and Adobe Lightroom.

The finished scans can be quite amazing. Below is an image from 1972.

Scrapbook Scanning

We originally set up our camera scanning system so we can more easily scan scrapbooks and other delicate media.  Here we don’t have to try to fit our photo or scrapbook on a flatbed scanner, but can handle it more carefully.  Below is the setup for scrapbook scanning using the camera scanning setup.  This configuration allows us to carefully control light and individually adjust for each image.

Not only do we scan whole pages but we can scan individual photos on each page.  This can preserve individual photos of albums you do not want to take apart or are glued to pages and cannot be removed.  I recently scanned some photos as small as 3/4″ from the 1930s and the reproduction looked phenomenal.

I know a lot of people that currently make scrapbooks and they can benefit from digitizing them  So much time and work are put into each page of each book, this is a way to “backup” your books and even possibly make additional copies for others.  Below is a scan of one of my pages when my daughter was about 1 year old. 

I know if something were to happen to this album, I could reproduce it.  If there is a fire or flood, these scrapbooks are irreplaceable.  Scanning the scrapbooks can preserve them.

Think about working on one of these projects in the new year.  I promise you won’t regret it!