May Scrapbook Scanning Sale!

May Scrapbook Scanning Sale!

Burnham Creative Group is Celebrating International Scrapbooking Day on May 2nd by offering a Scrapbook Scanning Special for the entire month of May!  If you are a scrapbooker, this is a great opportunity to scan your pages to back up your priceless albums or do it to create a second copy of your book.

For those of you with older scrapbooks, we can scan the whole page as well as individual pictures. This is a great way not only to create a backup of these precious photos but allows you to share them with your family. At Burnham Creative Group we use a DSLR Camera Scanning setup that allows us to easily scan the most delicate albums and photos.

During this time of Covid19 we offer Contact Free Pickup and Dropoff.* How does this work? We can come to your home and pickup your photos in your designated location. We will take them to a safe location in our studio while they will “rest” for 3 days. At that point we can start processing your order. Orders can be delivered via Dropbox or on a flash drive (for a small additional charge.)

Here are our Scrapbook Scanning Sale Prices May 1 – May 31, 2020

Pages up to 8,5.11 Unbound: $0.88
Pages up to 8.5×11 Bound: $1.23

Oversized Pages including 12×12 and 11×14 Unbound: $1.25
Oversized Pages including 12×12 and 11×14 Bound: $1.60

Individual Photos in Scrapbooks: $0.55 

We also offer Photo and Slide Scanning

Standard Print Scans $0.29
Fragile and Thick Standard Size Prints: $0.59
Standard 35mm Slides: $0.99
Others sizes of Slides: $1.19

Take advantage of our sale and finally get those Scrapbooks digitized!

.*Local Pickup in Batavia and nearby Communities.  Minimum Order May apply for Drop Off and Pick Up service.

Covid19 Shelter in Place Update

Covid19 Shelter in Place Update

Life has changed for all of us very quickly in the past month.  The beginning of March seems like a lifetime ago.  We hope that you and your families are staying physically and mentally healthy during this time.   I encourage everyone to limit their access to news reports so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Check in with family and friends often to check in on them and stay connected.  If you find your self with spare time, I encourage you to take on a meaningful project.  My husband is taking guitar lessons,  some people like myself are sewing protective masks, others are cleaning and organizing closets or planning garden or learning to cook new foods.  I encourage you to take a look at your photos and other media where you record your memories.  Is it organized?  Are they shareable?  Take a look at my photo blog to see if there is something there can help you get started.

As with most families, ours is also impacted by this shutdown.  In my business, I often work one-on-one with clients in their homes to organize their photos.   With this shutdown, I can no longer do that.  What can I do?  Fortunately, after an initial consultation, mostly with digital projects, I complete the rest of the project in my home studio.  I can still do that.  All of my scanning of photos and slides is done in-house as well as video editing.  If you have photos or slides that need to be digitized, I can do that!  Call me at 630-441-3403 or email me at to find out more to get started.  I can come to your home and pickup up your items to be scanned from your porch.  I can also do phone and web training sessions to help you get started.   I will be adding more frequently to my blog in the coming weeks with more information that will help you better manage your photo collection – so you can save your stories for future generations.

A Digital Photo Frame Can Be a Great Holiday Gift

A Digital Photo Frame Can Be a Great Holiday Gift

A digital photo frame can be a great gift for people who seem to have it all. As you know, digital photo frames aren’t new.  Many people may have already purchased one in the past where we needed to upload photos from a USB drive.  From my experience, those devices don’t get updated and they end up gathering dust.

For the past several years more digital frames have been developed where multiple people can remotely load photos onto another person’s photo frame from a computer and smartphones.  With texting and social media we often feel like we are sharing our photos all the time.  However,  many people, especially older adults may not have social media accounts or see your photos when you post them. Digital photo frames can be the answer to sharing more personal pictures with friends and family.  A few years ago we personally purchased a Nixplay for a family member.  Everyone in the family can upload pictures to their frame.  I have to admit I like going to their home and seeing the photos uploaded by other members of the family from around the country.  Many of those photos I might not have seen otherwise.

If you are interested in buying a new frame, prices range from $100-$300.  Look for the ability to upload from whatever devices you have.  I also like frames to have onboard memory on the device and motion detectors so they are not on all the time. Don’t forget your family member will need to connect most devices to wi-fi. 

Here are some links to recent reviews of different photo frames to help you with your decision:

Photo Frames for Grandparents

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Tom’s Guide to Digital Photo Frames.

You don’t have a storefront? How do you work with clients?

Frequently Asked Question

I both work in client’s homes and in my home studio in Batavia.  Getting started in a client’s home offers me the best opportunity to see first-hand the organizing project ahead of me.  When someone may have a lifetime of photos to organize, it is best not to have to take them out of their home.  I will take time and work on a family history with a client so we know who to identify in photos and so I get an idea of how they would like to see them organized.

After that, it is a combination of working at my home or the client’s home depending on how hands-on they want to be and the nature of the project.  For digital projects, I will typically find and copy all their files to an external hard drive and finish working on the project in my studio.

For scanning only projects I offer a pickup service, you can drop them off or we can meet somewhere local – whatever works best for you and your schedule.   Photo scanning is done in my home studio.