You don’t have a storefront? How do you work with clients?

Frequently Asked Question

I both work in client’s homes and in my home studio in Batavia.  Getting started in a client’s home offers me the best opportunity to see first-hand the organizing project ahead of me.  When someone may have a lifetime of photos to organize, it is best not to have to take them out of their home.  I will take time and work on a family history with a client so we know who to identify in photos and so I get an idea of how they would like to see them organized.

After that, it is a combination of working at my home or the client’s home depending on how hands-on they want to be and the nature of the project.  For digital projects, I will typically find and copy all their files to an external hard drive and finish working on the project in my studio.

For scanning only projects I offer a pickup service, you can drop them off or we can meet somewhere local – whatever works best for you and your schedule.   Photo scanning is done in my home studio.