Photo & Slide Scanning

Burnham Creative Group offers in-house scanning of your photos and slides.   Feel confident that your photos and slides will be treated with the utmost care and never travel through the mail with the risk of getting lost.

Whether you have thousands of 4 x 6 photos or slides or delicate legacy photos, Burnham Creative Group can handle the job. Each scan will be lightly edited including basic color correction.   We don’t stop there, we can add critical information to each file’s metadata so you can find the pictures you are looking for later.

For photos that are damaged or need to be restored, Burnham Creative Group partners with a local restoration specialist to return your pictures to their former glory.  Every project is unique, please call 630-441-3403 for pricing.

Multi-Media Conversions

Let us handle your other conversions of video, film, and audio.  We recommend clients NOT convert to DVD.  We will have your media converted to an editable digital format.  

From there we can make simple edits to capture your favorite moments for you to easily share with friends and family.

Every project is unique, please call 630-441-3403 for pricing.